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CNC Machining Services


Woodlawn Manufacturing recognizes the importance of high quality CNC machining, which is why it is our goal to maintain our position on the leading edge of precision machining technology. At Woodlawn Manufacturing we offer a complete CNC machining service, allowing complex parts to be machined in a timely matter.

Woodlawn offers:

· Turning

· Welding

· Onsite reverse engineering

· Pressure CNC milling

· Testing

· Assembly

· A full metrology lab

Offering customers the complete CNC machining service, Alternative Engineering qualified engineers use our CNC machines to drill, bore, ream, tap or mill; ensuring parts are machined to the highest standard. 

Why Choose Woodlawn Manufacturing?

Working with the best people, equipment and processes is important to any business. When it comes to custom machining, you need to ensure you are dealing with engineers who have sufficient technical expertise. They need to have experience across a range of industries, parts and requirements, absolute accuracy and attention to detail.

Here at Woodlawn Manufacturing we have the ability, know-how and enthusiasm to provide complete custom machining for all of your requirements.

Woodlawn Manufacturing hosts technologically advanced CNC machines to ensure the precise needs and critical tolerances of the engineering industry are met. Our CNC machining services reduce turnaround time and enhance the product durability and quality.

At Woodlawn Manufacturing we offer:

· High quality products

· Increased accuracy and precision

· Consistency and reliability

· Quick product turnaround times

· Value for money

· Exceptional customer service

Woodlawn Manufacturing professionals offer unparalleled service, cost and accuracy in plastics engineering. You’ll find our quality prices and delivery is of the highest standard, ensuring you can rely on our proficiency and workmanship of our CNC machining and reverse engineering services.

Our CNC machining centers are programmed for precision and repetition so that even complex parts are produced in less time, with less labor and tooling. Our advanced CNC machining provides greater accuracy and consistency compared to conventional equipment.

Whether it is CNC milling, turning or routing, Woodlawn Manufacturing’s services offer a high level of expertise along with fast, efficient and friendly service, which produces high levels of accuracy and precision.

To increase accuracy, reduce costs and improve functionality of your parts choose the CNC machining experts, choose Woodlawn Manufacturing.

Integrated Supply Chain


A majority of the suppliers to Woodlawn are local and integrated to the needs of the company. We at Woodlawn feel that the more information our suppliers have about our customer demand, the more they can adjust their schedule to meet first the demand of Woodlawn and ultimately the demand at our customer. As inventory turns are closely monitored to reduce cost, supplier communication is more important than ever.

Spot Welding